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What Would be the Ideal Features for Apple's new Tablet Device?

My ideas for new technologies generally comes from my frustration with the limits imposed by existing technologies. That said, I thought I'd take a look at what would be, for me, the ideal features for the rumoured Apple "iTablet". It wouldn't surprise me if they call it the that, but I think they can do better. Anyway I'll stick to calling it the iTablet until Apple makes an announcement otherwise.

Keep in mind that the following is not speculation but, rather, my feature wish-list.

Information Loss in the Information Age

A couple of years ago, a long-time friend suggested I might want to take this, my "personal" website and blog, off-line. Something about people seeing things that were no longer relevant or could even be deemed embarrassing. I can certainly look back and see that who I was then is not who I am now. But take the site down? It just didn't feel right.

Mac Attack

With the announcement back in 1996 that Apple would be using NeXTSTEP as their next-generation operating system, I made an announcement to anyone who would listen that I was poised to buy an Apple Mac.

Work: Teaching & Lecturing

Teaching English is inevitable if you come to Japan without anything concrete planned. But once you have enough Japanese under your belt, you can teach just about anything that you are knowledgeable about.

English teaching is how I got my footing and it's really hard to let it go. My youngest student is 4 years old. My oldest is a retired businessman. I still love what I do but if you've been here as long as me (13 years as of this posting) you can go a little crazy, if English teaching is all you do. I guess that is why a lot of foreigner go back in the first few years.

Work: Photography, Graphics Design

Many of you already know me as a Freelance Photographer. But I am not limited to that and, in fact, my income from visual arts has shifted from pure photography to graphic design (which may or may not incorporate my photography). I have been asked "why the shift?"