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Work: Photography, Graphics Design

Many of you already know me as a Freelance Photographer. But I am not limited to that and, in fact, my income from visual arts has shifted from pure photography to graphic design (which may or may not incorporate my photography). I have been asked "why the shift?"

Well, it started with some of my clients (and potential clients) being told by their graphic-design companies that any photographs included in layouts (be they restaurant menus, catalogues or whatever) had to be provided by their own in-house photographer. "In-house" in this case actually means someone whom they already have a tie-up with. Call it "bundling" or call it "old boys networking" if you like.

But whatever you call it, I retaliated. At first, I merely got in the habit of asking my clients if they already had a graphic designer. If they did, I told them that they might get resistance from their design company by having me do the photos. I lost a few contracts, nonetheless.

Then I saw the actual quality of work they were getting from their designers and decided I could do better (or as good, at least). I started quoting on the complete package--from Design, to Photo Shoot, to Print Production. Well, I got my revenge: Now I am taking work away from other designers.

I am not limited to Commercial Photography. I also do Weddings and Environmental Portraiture.

For the latest info on my photography and graphic design please visit Photongraphics.

And, by the way, I do web design, too (with or without the photography).

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