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What Would be the Ideal Features for Apple's new Tablet Device?

My ideas for new technologies generally comes from my frustration with the limits imposed by existing technologies. That said, I thought I'd take a look at what would be, for me, the ideal features for the rumoured Apple "iTablet". It wouldn't surprise me if they call it the that, but I think they can do better. Anyway I'll stick to calling it the iTablet until Apple makes an announcement otherwise.

Keep in mind that the following is not speculation but, rather, my feature wish-list.

For starters, I would like the iTablet to sport every hardware feature that the iPhone 3Gs has now. And I mean everything! ... the GPS, the video camera, Bluetooth and WiFi. Such a device should not contain a cellphone if, for no other reason, the cell-phone carriers want to dictate what I can and cannot do with the device. The larger display holds the promise of being the PDF or "eBook" reader that the iPhone/iTouch can never be.

What else? Stereo speakers would be nice. And Giga-Ethernet and USB ports. Of course with USB should come support for external devices such as mouse, qwerty keyboard hard- and optical-disk drives. What we are really talking about here is a MacBook Air without the keyboard. Few are disputing that the iTablet sport an interface similar to the iPhone/iPod Touch. But with mouse and keyboard options, I'd rather see the OS X desktop, including the Dock, Finder and Command Shell, and simply augment the navigation and input to handle touch screen operation.

So just how much of a leap is Apple (or, more specifically, Steve Jobs) willing to make, in terms of features? In this first-generation of what will inevitably become an entirely rejuvenated segment of the computer industry and a new cash cow for Apple, not much! Despite the inevitable convergence of device functionality, Apple will hold much back from us so that future "upgrades" can be spoon-fed to us, as is Apple's policy.

So then, what's the tipping point? What features would make me run out and buy this product? Simple! If, for no other reason, the larger display makes the iTablet into a reasonably good PDF reader, I will buy it. That's all it will take because I already know it will seamlessly sync/integrate with my existing Apple devices.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)


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