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Information Loss in the Information Age

A couple of years ago, a long-time friend suggested I might want to take this, my "personal" website and blog, off-line. Something about people seeing things that were no longer relevant or could even be deemed embarrassing. I can certainly look back and see that who I was then is not who I am now. But take the site down? It just didn't feel right.

Perhaps the biggest problem in the information age is not how quickly information becomes irrelevant or obsolete, but how quickly it simply disappears. Forever. This is something I anguish over quite a bit. So I made the decision to keep it up, warts and all, for whatever small historical value it may have.

So what I am really saying is "Yep, I finally got around to giving the old blog a facelift". I've fixed a bunch of broken links and upgraded the software so I can actually post new content.

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