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Work: My Visual Arts Background

This was originally published as Why Am I Here and Where I'm Coming From? at Photongraphics.

Work: What is Fine Art Photography?

This was originally published at Photongraphics.

What is fine art photography? Even photographers can't agree on the meaning, but I think this is more over the definition of art than anything else. As always, I tend toward a more practical definition.

Work: What Does it Take to be a Professional Photographer?

I was once told that the only difference between an amateur and a pro was that the amateur showed all of his photos and the pro only showed his best. There is actually some truth in that. But when asked that question, I usually tailor my answer to who is asking.

Personal File: Habitat

I live in Shimizu, in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, a port town 160 kilometres down the coast from Tokyo. (See map here.) Having recently moved, I no longer live at the Zen temple, but I am not to far from there.

Geographically, Shimizu is really a part of Shizuoka City. (As of April 2003, it will be so politically as well.) That said, I am often found in the retail centre of Shizuoka City. I spend an inordinate amount of time in cafes but I cover that under study and play.

Personal File: Work

I have my fingers in a lot of pies and was once even bestowed the official job title of Swiss Army Knife [link] Here is what I actually do for a living:

Teaching & Lecturing