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Hello Google; Goodbye Contact Address

I've done a few more minor changes to the site. First, you'll notice I have added Google Search to my news and archive pages. Secondly, I have removed the contact email address from my contact page.

Since the site archives will grow, I thought a good search function was in
order. Google is the premier search engine on the web so why not?

As of this writing, GoogleBot has not been around to notice all the site changes, so the search is a bit out of date. But things shouldn't take long to right themselves.

Now, why did I remove my email address from the contact page? Simply, I've been getting too much SPAM.

I learned the hard way that any email address on your web site is inviting you to be added to hundreds of spam databases. That contact address is being decommissioned, and when it is, my INBOX is going to be a lot lighter.

In place of an email address, I have created a Web Mail Form. It looks much like the comment form you see below. The main difference is that the messages get sent to me personally.

Feel free to test both of these and tell me what you think. :-)

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