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May 13th BBQ!

Spring has well established itself and summer will soon be here! As I am moving, this will be the last BBQ party at this beautiful location.

I am selling and giving away stuff!. Email me or telephone for details. (My email address and phone number is on the flier.)

Click image to download PDF flierThe Last BBQ: Click to download PDF

This is a pot-luck, as usual. There will be kitchen cooking facilities and a BBQ so bring ingredients or bring a main dish... your choice. BYOB. Ice provided.


Sunday, May 13th.

Open house from 11 noon to 8 PM. (come whenever you're free that day.)


Please use the contact form on this blog or the email address on the PDF flier to let me know you are coming.

Your rating: None Average: 4.2 (5 votes)